VIP DANCE Competition was founded in 2006 by Owner & Executive Director, Stacie Collins. Stacie is a proud member of Dance Masters of America and a graduate of Louisiana State University where her studies focused on dance, sociology, and communications.

Her credits cover a variety of fields in the entertainment industry, including runway modeling, print work, music videos, commercials, and television. But most importantly, Stacie grew up as a "competition kid" and eventually became a "competition teacher". She strives to create an event that embodies all the things she so desired as a participant.

VIP DANCE is a family-run business with employees including Stacie's husband (Chris), parents (Peggy & Bill), in-laws, former students, longtime dance friends, and new colleagues met throughout the wonderful journey of VIP DANCE!

----"Each member of the VIP family cares a great deal about the
company and that is what makes us work so well."----


VIP Dance goes above and beyond at every regional event to offer you a competitive experience unlike any other. Dance competitions are meant to provide performance opportunity, offer feedback for improvement, create fun & lasting memories... and of course, present awards! VIP Dance delivers top-notch quality in each of those areas.

Our dance competitions are held at professional facilities with plenty of dressing space, beautiful staging, and top quality flooring, sound, & lighting. VIP Dance provides Marley flooring in each city. A backstage manager is present at every event. Every performer feels like a star on our stage!

VIP Dance provides video critiques (from ALL 3 judges) and digital scoring, offering the most advanced and descriptive feedback available anywhere! Teachers receive printed score sheets with a breakdown of points from each judge in the four categories of scoring criteria... performance (1-35), technique (1-35), choreography (1-20), & overall appearance (1-10). VIP Dance offers three levels of competition, recreational, intermediate, and advanced, with judges' critiques being geared toward the appropriate level. Our judges are qualified professionals who are committed to inspiring young dancers. VIP Dance offers optional convention classes in select regional cities and at both National Finals giving dancers the chance to take class from our talented panel of judges.

Our award ceremonies are like no other! We do actually roll out the red carpet for every set of awards and even incorporate our own dramatic theme songs for the start of awards and during the High Score presentations. VIP Dance gives every participant a VIP Lanyard with an All-Access Pass (which has become quite the collector's item) and VIP cards for each adjudicated routine! Awards presented include medal pins, studio banners, plaques, cash awards, gift certificates, and scholarships. One Outstanding Entertainment Award Winner is chosen from each school. All winners are posted on our website complete with videos of the Hollywood VIP List Top 10!

In addition to the many awards given, VIP Dance makes a charitable donation for every adjudicated award presented on stage as part of our 'Dancing For Charity' program. This gives competitive dancers the opportunity to share their passion by dancing for the good of others.

Teachers do not go unnoticed at VIP Dance! We appreciate your support and thank you through incentive program... VIP style!!! Our VIP Studio Rewards Program, designed to honor our loyal customers, delivers the best of the best rewards!

Our friendly, courteous staff together with our panel of qualified & energetic judges creates a relaxed competitive atmosphere and a fun event for all! We look forward to seeing you all on our 2015 Tour. This year, we will host 37 regional events with 3 National Finals. We are excited to grow our events and promise to continue to bring you the latest and greatest!


VIP DANCE National Finals is a 6 day action-packed event. The first 2 days consist of convention classes, scholarship auditions, title competition activities, and opening number rehearsals. Solo and Duo/Trio competition takes place during the first half of the week with the Solo & Duo/Trio Dance-Off taking place mid-week where the top scoring Broadway and Hollywood level solos and duo/trios re-dance to compete for the Icon and Co-Stars awards. Groups take place during the second half of the week. The Off-Broadway & Broadway Group Dance-Off happens on night 5 with the top scoring groups re-dancing for a spot in the VIP LIST or the Critic's Choice Award. The Production Showdown is on Day 6 where all Productions are featured and compete for Best Production. On the final night, following the "Hats Off to Nationals" VIP Wrap Party, the Hollywood Group Dance-Off and Final Awards Gala takes place.

Exciting awards at nationals include the VIP List, Icon Award, Co-Stars Award, Best Performance In..., Critics Choice Award, Title Winners, Best Cast & Crew, Choreographers Walk of Fame, Billboard Award, and more! Cash awards, scholarships, and gift certificates are presented throughout the event in addition to the many contest prizes awarded to the audience members!

Our National Finals is equipped with state-of-the-art sound, lighting, and staging. The stage sits three feet high in the ballroom at 68 wide by 48 deep with wing space, run-around space, Marley flooring, and beautifully designed background.

Dancers leave the VIP Dance National Finals with tons of feedback, rejuvenated motivation, plenty of exciting awards, great memories, many new friends, and of course, pictures on the red carpet! No other competition does it quite like VIP Dance!!!

In the summer, VIP Dance will host two National Final Events. All of our events take place in convention centers at the host hotels, offering you the most convenience for a relaxing and fun week. Orlando Nationals will be held at the Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista, hotel & convention center across from Downtown Disney. Sandusky Nationals takes place at the amazing Kalahari Resort Waterpark & Convention Center. We can't wait for summer! Hope to see you at one of the amazing locations for VIP DANCE NATIONAL FINALS!


VIPix Productions is the in-house photo|video division of VIP DANCE and is the exclusive photographer | videographer for all VIP DANCE events.

VIPix Productions... Fabulous pictures of dancers... by dancers!