5 Reasons You Should Be A Competition Dancer

April 18, 2014
A guest post by VIP Judge, Bree Hafen... Have you ever wondered - what are these "Competition Dancers" all about, and should I consider becoming one? Maybe you are o...
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"Vip Tip" from Marcel Wilson

March 14, 2014
"Vip Tip" from VIP Dance Judge, Marcel Wilson Best of luck to all the dancers performing on the VIP stages this weekend! Marcel Wilson www.MrWilsonEntertainment.com...
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"Do you have what it takes?" VIP Dance Brings You to Joffrey Ballet School

March 12, 2014
A guest post by VIP Director, Angelica Stiskin... Joffrey Ballet School and VIP Dance are teaming up to give competitors a chance to be awarded a scholarship to on...
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Online Photogenic Competition

February 28, 2014
Introducing VIP Dance's Online Photogenic Competition... VIP Dance is looking for a "commercial model look" featuring casual, natural, commercial, or catalog type head...
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VIPix Stars Revealed

February 13, 2014
Announcing our 2014 VIPix Stars featured on our all new VIP LIST TOP 10 plaque boards... Ten "VIPix Stars" will be chosen each year as our cover models for the follo...
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Top 10 Judges' Critiques at VIP - Dissected!

February 04, 2014
A guest post by VIP Judge, Bree Hafen... It’s that time of year again! I can already smell the Aussie aerosol. My eyes have premature little blue spots from rhinesto...
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Introducing... VIPix Stars

February 01, 2014
The ten winning "VIPix Stars" are to be featured on the all-new VIP Dance plaque boards awarded to the VIP LIST Top 10 at every event. Additionally, some of the winners w...
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Nationals 2013 Recap

January 29, 2014
We are about a week away from the start of our 2014 season. As I look back on 2013 I am overwhelmed by the amount of talent we witnessed, the amazing new friends we made...
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