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Q:  Do you accept independent entries?
A:  No, we do not. You must be registered under a studio to compete at VIP Dance. Studio directors are required to submit all entries from their studio under their studio online account.
Q:  What is the typical weekend schedule at VIP?
A:  Our typical weekend schedule looks like this:
Friday Evening: Teen or Sr Solos
Sat Morning: Mini & Jr Solos & Duo/Trios
Sat After Lunch: Mini & Jr Groups
Sun Morning: Teen or Sr Solos & Duo/Trios
Sun After Lunch: Teen & Sr Groups

Of course, the schedule may vary slightly from city to city  depending on the amount of routines in each category.
Final schedules are posted 2-3 weeks prior to the event. 
Q:  How should I determine level placements for my dancers?
A:  We have guidelines and restrictions in place to ensure that all dancers are placed in the appropriate levels. Dancers will be leveled individually in your online dancer list. The system will then auto-calculate the level for each routine based on the dancers entered. Use the guidelines at the link below to determine the level for each dancer and consider the restrictions of each level in comparison to your goals for that dancer. Off-Broadway is the recreational level and is the most restricted competitively. Hollywood is the most competitive level and is eligible for a wider range of offerings.
Q:  Where can I find Host Hotel info for my regionals?
A:  We do not offer host hotels at our regional events. Host hotels for our National Finals can be found here: