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Entry Fees can be accessed through verified studio accounts at http://reg.vipdance.com.

All fees are non-refundable. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Entries are accepted on a first come / first served basis and are limited to performance time availability.

All fees must be paid by studio checks, credit cards, or cashiers checks. Only credit card payment or cashier's check will be accepted for any fees paid late, after the deadline date.

All entries must be entered online by the entry deadline (approximately 5 weeks) prior to the event. Entry deadlines can be found  HERE.

VIP DANCE reserves the right to refuse any entry at any time for any reason.

Independent entries are not accepted. All competing dancers must be registered with a studio.


Nationals Qualification

Any routine (solo through production) receiving a Gold medal standing or greater at any VIP DANCE Regional Competition qualifies to participate in the National Finals. Any routine that did not qualify at a regional event may qualify at the National Finals Preliminary Competition.

Studios unable to attend a regional event, may qualify for the National Finals by video submission. All videos must be submitted by May 1st. To enter by video, please contact our office at vipdance@mac.com.

Learn more about our National Finals


Category # of Dancers Time Limit  
Solo 1 3 minutes  
Duo/Trio 2 - 3 3 minutes  
Small Group 4 - 9 3 minutes  
Large Group 10 - 19 4 minutes  
Line 20 or more 6 minutes  
Production Minimum of 15 dancers 8 minutes  
EXTENDED TIME For Groups & Lines Only 2 or 4 additional minutes  
Photogenic 1 LEARN MORE  


*We no longer have a "trick limit" in any category.
*Dancers are able to compete in multiple routines in the same dance division and category. However, those dancers should be prepared for quick costume changes.

Jazz - routine displaying Jazz technique with no more than 50% Hip-Hop or Street Dance moves.

Ballet - ballet or pointe routine.

Lyrical - routine combining the techniques of Jazz, Ballet, and Modern, utilizing the lyrics or mood of the song.

Contemporary – routine consisting of modern and ballet technique, reaching beyond standard jazz vocabulary.

Tap - routine displaying Tap technique and primarily tap work. No prerecorded tap sounds allowed on tape.

Musical Theatre - Broadway/Theater dance styles using songs from “Broadway” or movie musicals.

Hip-Hop - routine containing street dance moves performed to popular music.

Open - routine consisting of any dance style or combination of styles.

Acro Dance - routine consisting primarily or acro or gymnastics.

Pom & Cheer - routine consisting of cheerleading or dance team technique.


Ages are determined as of January 1st in the year of the competition. Add all ages of participating dancers, and then divide by the total number of dancers. Drop all decimal points. Our online system will calculate this for you once all birthdays are recorded for each dancer.

If any of the dancers in a routine change from Regionals to Nationals, you must recalculate the average age of that routine for Nationals.

​Any dancer or routine may "compete up" an age division. However, this must be consistent across all routines. For example, if a soloist is 12 but competes her solos as 13, that dancer must be added in to all duo/trios or groups as age 13. In addition, any duo/trio or group that "competes up" must do so for all duo/trios and/or groups with 50% or more of the same dancers. Age divisions will not be changed to "compete up" after the schedule has been posted. This must be done at the time of registration.

Mini: 9 & under

Junior: 10 - 12

Teen: 13 - 15

Senior: 16 - 24

Adult: 25 & over, not eligible for high point and cash awards.

Professional: A professional is considered as any dance teacher or professional dancer over the age of 20 who makes at least 50% of their total income from teaching dance, choreographing, or dancing professionally. Any routine including at least one "professional" performer must be entered in the Professional Category. Routines competing in the Professional Category will be scored and critiqued, but are not eligible for high point and cash awards.


Our competitive level program is designed to give dancers an opportunity to compete against dancers at their own level. It will build confidence and self-esteem in the recreational and intermediate level dancers while still allowing the advanced dancers to battle it out for our elite awards!

All entries in each level will be adjudicated by the same scoring system and judging criteria. Critiques will be geared toward the appropriate level.


- Teachers should level each dancer based on the competitive level guidelines listed below in addition to the routine limit restrictions. Each dancer will be assigned a competitive level in the dancer list in your online registration account. The computer will then determine the appropriate level for each routine as it is submitted through the system. The levels of each dancers will be "averaged" out creating a competitive level for that group routine.

- Soloists, when competing more than one solo, must compete all solos in the same level.

- Only Hollywood Level soloists are eligible for our Idol Solo awards.

- Off-Broadway Level dancers are limited to entering a total of 5 routines into the event.... this limit applies to the individual dancer, not the number of Off-Broadway routines the studio may enter as a whole.

- Broadway Level dancers are limited to entering a total of 10 routines into the event... this limit applies to the individual dancer, not the number of Broadway routines the studio may enter as a whole.

- Any group routine with 50% or more advanced level dancers must compete in the Hollywood Level. The online registration system will calculate this for you. Any group with 50% or more intermediate level dancers will be placed in the Broadway Level, but teachers may elect to have this routine compete at the advance level if deemed necessary.

- Level changes are not allowed once an event has begun. In an unavoidable situation, leveling up may be acceptable when advanced level dancers are incorrectly placed in a lower level. However, leveling down is not an option.

- Dancers meeting the requirements of the Off-Broadway Level (recreational) or Broadway Level (intermediate) are not required to compete in the respective levels. Dancers are allowed to "move up" and compete at a higher level if you so choose.


*VIP DANCE reserves the right to move any routine WITHOUT NOTICE to the level deemed appropriate by the VIP DANCE staff and judges.






Intermediate Competitive
Advanced Competitive
(level of difficulty)
Beginner Intermediate Advanced
Hours per Week
(class plus rehearsals)
2 or Less 3-5 6 or more
Competition Experience of Dancer Little To None Limited Experienced






Intermediate Competitive
Advanced Competitive
Routine Limits

Dancers registered as Off-Broadway level dancers are allowed up to 5 Routines per individual dancer

Dancers registered as Broadway level dancers are allowed up to 10 Routines per individual dancer  
Categories Solos / Duo-Trios / Groups  Solos / Duo-Trios / Groups Solos / Duo-Trios / Groups
Eligible for Cash Awards None Gift Certificates at Nationals Cash or Gift Certificates at Regionals and Nationals
VIP LIST Video on Web N/A No Yes
Dance-Off at Nationals No Yes Yes
Eligible to Compete Solo Yes Yes Yes
Eligible to Compete Duo/Trio Yes Yes Yes
Idol Solo Winners     Yes


General props are permitted in any category.

Fire, water, powder, and similar substances are not permitted. Please contact our office prior to the event with any questions regarding the allowance of a particular item or substance.

Helium balloons are not permitted.

All props must be Marley safe. Any damage to the Marley flooring will be billed to the responsible studio.

Props are not to exceed 10 feet in height.



Scoring is based on technique (35%), performance (35%), choreography (20%), and overall appearance (10%). All entries in all levels (Recreational, Intermediate, & Advanced) will be adjudicated by the same scoring system and judging criteria with critiques geared toward the appropriate level.

Platinum 285 - 300
High Gold 270 - 284
Gold 255 - 269
High Silver 240 - 254



VIP DANCE® focuses on every dancer during each exciting “Red Carpet Awards Ceremony.” Our unique awards, our exciting and dramatic custom awards music, and of course, our red carpet ensures fun for all. Remember... VIP Dance was the FIRST competition to roll out the red carpet for award ceremonies and provide each dancer with an all-access pass and lanyard. These are now becoming industry standards. We are flattered... and will continue to come up with ideas that will certainly be repeated by others in the future. But no one does it quite like us. After all, this is VIP!

Each routine receives an award for adjudicated placement and is eligible for High Score and Special Awards. Performers are awarded beautiful medal pins and a “VIP All Access Pass” for each dancer to add to her VIP Lanyard. VIP LIST plaque boards are awarded to our special award winners, our high score winners, and our Broadway and Hollywood VIP List Top 10!


The top ten scoring group routines of the entire event in the Hollywood Level make up the Hollywood VIP LIST Top 10. Videos of the Hollywood VIP LIST Top 10 will be featured in our online Winners Video Gallery in each city results page. The top scoring group routines in the entire event in the Broadway Level make up the Broadway VIP LIST Top 10.

Best Studio
At each regional event, Best Broadway Studio and Best Hollywood Studio will be awarded to the studios with the five highest scoring group routines in the corresponding level. Each studio receiving this award will be entered into a live drawing on May 31st where 3 studios will be drawn to win new team jackets from Crewtique, the Team Apparel Boutique by Move Society®!

At each regional event, judges award select Hollywood Level Soloists in each age division as Regional Solo Idol winners. Those dancers are given an invitation to participate in our Opening Number Production at one of the National Finals and receive the exclusive "IDOL Access Pass" to add to their lanyards. Soloists are selected by our judges for being a standout soloist with tons of potential and star quality. 

Special Awards
Special awards presented include Costume Awards, Choreography Awards, Entertainment Awards, Dance Division Performance Awards, and Judges Choice Awards. Every routine is eligible for any of these special awards.


High Score & Cash Awards 
High Score Awards are presented in each category for all levels. (For example: Hollywood Level Mini Small Group)

Soloists, when competing two or more solos, may only place once in the high score rankings. The judges break all ties for High Score.

When a minimum of five entries per age division in each category compete, Cash Awards or Gift Certificates will be awarded to the Hollywood High Score winners in the amounts shown below. Cash awards are presented to eligible studios when there are 185 or more entries at an event. Cash awards and Gift Certificates are mailed/emailed, respectively, to winning studios in the week following the event. 

  Award Amount Categories Awarded
Solo $100 Hollywood: Mini, Junior, Teen, Senior
Duo/Trio $100 Hollywood: Mini, Junior, Teen, Senior
Small Group $150 Hollywood: Mini, Junior, Teen, Senior
Large Group $200 Hollywood: Mini, Junior, Teen, Senior
Line $250 Hollywood: Mini, Junior, Teen, Senior
Production $250 Hollywood: Mini, Junior, Teen, Senior