Introducing Allison Weber, 2023 Feature Photo and Mini Division Winner. Congratulations to all the 2023 Photogenic Contest winners.

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Lucia Zerilli

2023 Tiny Tot Winner

Eva Clow

2023 Junior Winner

Claudia Kenny

2023 Teen Winner

Caroline Schrieffer

2023 Senior Winner

Welcome to the VIP Photogenic Contest! Learning to take a professional quality headshot that highlights ones best features and shows a true and raw version of themselves is an important skill in the professional dance world. Photo quality, creativity, and composition are vital to a great photo. Presentation through grooming and wardrobe, expressing emotion through facial expressions, and use of the eyes to enchant the camera are all factors in choosing the winners of our contest.

Creating a great headshot is both an art and a science. Here are some essential tips to help you capture a headshot that stands out and makes you shine in all your photogenic contests.

01. The Setup

Lighting: Your best friend here is natural light. Try to take your photo in soft, natural light, ideally during the early morning or late afternoon. If you're indoors, position yourself near a window. Remember, the right lighting can dramatically enhance your photo.

Background: Choose a simple and uncluttered background. Neutral colors like white, grey, or light blue work best. The key is to avoid anything that might distract from your face.

Wardrobe: Opt for clothing with solid colors and simple designs. Avoid loud patterns or logos. Your outfit should complement your look without overpowering it.

02. The Photography

Camera Settings: If you're using a DSLR, adjust the aperture to blur the background slightly and keep the focus on your face. A setting like f/2.8 usually does the trick. With a smartphone, portrait mode can create a similar effect.

Angles and Framing: Experiment with different angles. Typically, a slightly above-eye-level camera position is flattering. Ensure your face is centered and occupies the right amount of space in the frame.

Post-Processing: A bit of editing can improve your photo. Adjust the brightness, contrast, and color saturation for the best look. Keep any skin retouching minimal – the goal is a natural, polished look.

03. The Model (That's You!)

Pose: Stay relaxed. A natural pose with a straight posture works best. You can face the camera directly or turn slightly to one side.

Expression: Your expression is crucial. A genuine smile or a confident, neutral expression can be very effective. The key is to look genuine, approachable, and professional.

Eye Contact and Focus: Your eyes should be the focal point. They need to be sharp and clear in the photo, as they convey your personality and confidence.

Makeup: If you choose to wear makeup, keep it natural. The aim is to enhance your features subtly.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Take several shots to find the one that represents you best. It’s your headshot, so it should reflect your personality and style. Good luck!

2023 Runners-Up...

Greenleigh Blankenship

2023 Tiny Tot Runner-Up

Addison Smith

2023 Tiny Tot Runner-Up

Alaira Pohorence

2023 Mini Runner-Up

Laney Pfannenstiel

2023 Mini Runner-Up

Weston Liszewski

2023 Mini Runner-Up

Sienna Capri Arias

2023 Mini Runner-Up

Olivia Clayton

2023 Mini Runner-Up

Alliyah Mouton

2023 Mini Runner-Up

Ryland Liszewski

2023 Junior Runner-Up

Mallie Bushby

2023 Junior Runner-Up

Maie Bluing

2023 Junior Runner-Up

Jordan Coveleski

2023 Junior Runner-Up

Gavin Webb

2023 Junior Runner-Up

Morgan McGarraug

2023 Junior Runner-Up

Brooke Wojdakowski

2023 Junior Runner-Up

Jenna Gilbert

2023 Teen Runner-Up

Mia Dunlap

2023 Teen Runner-Up

Lily Backe

2023 Senior Runner-Up

Mikaili Clark

2023 Senior Runner-Up

Reagan Chin

2023 Senior Runner-Up

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Graceann Hammer


Sienna Capri Arias


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